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In our entire history, only one patient has ever asked to return a hearing aid. This level of quality service and patient satisfaction is almost unheard of in healthcare.

Audiology Ear Care is one of only two independent private practice audiology clinics in the north and east metro areas of the Twin Cities.

Dr. Coverstone is Past President of the Minnesota Academy of Audiology and currently chairs the American Board of Audiology.

Dr. Coverstone also provides audiology care to students at the State Academy for the Deaf in Faribault.

About Audiology Ear Care

Audiology Ear Care was established in 2007 by Dr. John A. Coverstone because of a desire to open a facility that would provide the highest level of patient care in Minnesota. Dr. Coverstone brought with him a background in hearing disorders, tinnitus treatment, and care of patients with dizziness and balance problems.

Services offered at Innsbruck Hearing & Balance Center include diagnostic and routine hearing assessment, hearing monitoring for ototoxic medication, tinnitus assessment and treatment, hearing aids and counseling for patients with hearing loss, and custom earpieces for a variety of non-amplified uses, such as swim plugs, custom headsets, custom hearing protection, and others.

Dr. Coverstone's mission for excellence in audiology continues to this day. Audiology Ear Care is unparalleled in the quality of service and success in treating hearing and balance problems.

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